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4 Mostbet
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5 Лига ставок
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6 Fonbet
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Csgotm bet

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Biggest e-sports forecasts community. We are making advantages in betting strategy on e-sports events with our biggest community. All bets Get a pro. В первую очередь, хотим поблагодарить всех тех, кто с нами стартовал пол года назад и продолжает наблюдать за процессом развития нашего проекта, активно участвует в жизни сообщества и развивает его вместе с нами.

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Welcome to our eSports project - bet-strategy. One of the main objectives of our betting strategy is maximum profit and high permeability. High permeability of forecasts for Dota 2 and CS: GO: we publish the history of all forecasts on the site. Here you can find current CS: GO forecasts for today, as well as Dota2 match analytics for the next month. In addition to open sources, we adhere to a technical analysis, a software module developed by us, designed to predict e-sports events.

The results of our profit forecasts speak for themselves: more than 3 battered marathons from and at the moment we feel confident. We are ready to provide all the information available to us for your success in this area. On our platform, weekly kapper tournaments with free participation are held, just registering on the site.

Прогнозы на матчи CS:GO и Dota2

All participants statistics are published in the tournament section and open to all users. Participate and earn a reputation on the site, save a rating for future growth in the overall rating of cappers. Here you can find free predictions for KS: GO and Dot 2, as well as a description of upcoming and past tournament matches.

The whole history of predictions and results that you can read.

E-sports forecasts

We regularly publish on the website analysis and statistics of past matches and predictions for CS: GO and eSports tournaments. Their peculiarity is that the probability of success of such a bet is higher than usual. Authors are not responsible for your actions. The authors do not encourage you to action. The site is informative only. Toggle navigation.

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