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As you can see, the website features a little bit about me, large images of my work as well as comments about each project, social sharing buttons on each project, a blog, and the ability for anyone to contact me directly through the website. I look forward to many more years of working with fantastic clients.

Brown Withey LLP

In January, when I was lamenting to Laura about the pitfalls of not giving my own branding enough attention, we had determined that we both are naturally inclined to hesitate talking too much about ourselves. So we resolved to do better this year.

As Laura awesomely put it, would be The Year of Swagger. What a wonderful post outlining your process!

Call out drivers that text

We need to start thinking about our focus forcuz that sucka is right around the corner. Thank you for your kind words, Laura! I agree with you when you say that it helps to have some outside inspiration, especially when you work for yourself. I can officially say is one for the books.

The new web site looks great. You are a beautiful, clever and talented lady. I wish you nothing but the very best! El, thank you so very much for your very kind and flattering words!

Coming from an extremely talented designer as yourself, this means the world to me.

How Do I Find an FLL LEGO Team to Join?

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